The Flaremap® Platform
Organizations use the Flaremap Platform to build “third-generation” visual applications. Flaremap applications embrace the underlying processes, supporting users as they do their jobs.

The Flaremap Platform is a flexible framework that delivers data-dense, operational applications.

Flaremaps are operational interfaces—not mere visualization—they provide a platform for threat detection, navigation, problem-solving, analytics integration, and remediation through user collaboration and communication.

Discover some of the powerful features offered in the Flaremap Platform.

The Flaremap Platform
  • Flaremaps power operational applications by driving anomalies to the surface.

  • Cells represent the underlying data. Each cell represents an individual item or record.

  • Cells can be grouped, sized, and colored using the controls panel, allowing for multi-dimensional sorting and analysis.

  • A filters panel allows the user to filter, zoom, and search, controlling which data elements are displayed.

  • Hovering over a cell reveals an information box, providing custom metrics and specific user actions appropriate to that cell.


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