Flaremaps are “third generation” visual applications.
Flaremap interfaces are data-dense.  Details are driven to the surface—when you want them—just by pointing to a cell.  There are over 50,000 charts, maps, and tables contained in the interface shown here—they’re synchronized, context-specific, and revealed only on demand.

And that’s just when you point...imagine what happens when you clickContact us to find out.
Helping organizations identify and assess threats...
 Critical to ensuring proper plans are methodically and flexibly executed. 

► Flaremap applications are rapidly becoming “mission critical” – delivering an operational environment that goes well beyond mere insight and analysis.
detect fraudulent activities...
 An indispensable decision-making tool, not just a collection of pretty pictures. 

► Companies are discovering that traditional visualization and business intelligence tools simply don’t rise to the challenge.
manage operational risk...
 Visual Action continues to set the bar on purposeful visualization technology. 

► Many of our competitors think dazzling visuals and colorful charts are the goal. We don't. We prove our value by concentrating on business problems.
and monitor performance.
 Visual Action’s interactive Flaremap applications speak precisely to our customers’ needs. 

► A successful application means that users can actually do their jobs from our interfaces, not just gain casual insights.
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